This Terms of Service Policy applies to our Facebook Apps which allow users to integrate Google search into their Facebook Fan page or personal Facebook home page. It also applies to code that we provide that allows you to integrate Google site search into any website indexed by Google. By using our apps and sample code you agree to this Terms of Service (TOS) Policy.

Our App and Sample Code is Offererd Free of Charge

There is no cost to install or use our Facebook apps or sample code. The actual search results are provided by the Google search engine, also free of charge. We guarantee that the search results are those delivered directly by Google and are unaltered. We rely on Google to crawl your site periodically to obtain the latest search results. These results are outside of our control but if you find that Google is not providing accurate search results we will endeaver to assist you in resolving any problems.


We do not guarantee the availability of our web Search Apps or the safety of any website accessed via a web search. The Google search engine may connect you to sites that are inappropriate or contain malware or visuses. Use discretion when accessing all sites returned in the search results just as you would when using Google Search directly.


We Think Solutions is not liable for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary) in connection with the Google Web Search App.

This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be liable for any damages, including incidental or consequential damages, arising out of the use of this software, whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages.

Relationship to Google

Although the search results are provided by Google, the app itself is not provided by or affiliated with Google in any way.

Privacy Policy

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